Assisted Rescue

The assisted rescue is used to help another kayaker re-enter their kayak after a capsize. A good rescue is efficient, with no injuries or damaged equipment. 

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Depending on the size or ability of the paddler, type of kayak and the conditions, you may choose to vary the rescue. 

  • Some paddlers prefer to do a seal launch (scramble) onto the back deck. Swimmer: float your legs behind you, push the kayak down and seal launch yourself with a strong kick of the legs to get your tummy lying across the back deck. Swivel on your tummy until your feet are in the cockpit. Complete the rescue as for the heel hook.
  • It is often better to empty the kayak after the swimmer has re-entered. This gets the swimmer out of the water quicker. An electric pump is good in this situation.
  • While not as efficient, rescues can be performed with the kayaks bow to bow.

Remember, no matter what rescue method you use, if it is efficient and safe, it's a good rescue. 

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