Assisted Rescue

The assisted rescue is used to help another kayaker re-enter their kayak after a capsize. A good rescue is efficient, with no injuries or damaged equipment. 

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Key Points

    • Swimmer: prior to re-entry, float on your back next to your kayak, lying feet forward and looking forward.
    • Swimmer: hook your toe or heel under the coaming with your outside leg. 

                         Hook your outside leg under the coaming                                     

    • Rescuer: fully support and stabilise the swimmer's kayak and maintain a firm hold from start to finish. It is easiest if the kayaks are bow to stern.

    • Swimmer: 'think long' when getting in and keep a low centre of gravity when rolling onto the back deck and sliding into the kayak. 
    • Rescuer: stay actively committed until the rescued paddler is ready to resume paddling. Keep a check on them for some time afterwards, to ensure they are OK.
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