Assisted Rescue

The assisted rescue is used to help another kayaker re-enter their kayak after a capsize. A good rescue is efficient, with no injuries or damaged equipment. 

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Emptying Out

If there is time to empty the kayak, it will be more stable when you get the

swimmer back in, and less pumping will be needed before resuming paddling. 

To empty out:

  • Ask the swimmer to flip their kayak the right way up (or assist them).
  • Get the swimmer to hold onto one of the kayaks at all times, so they don't drift away and you can talk.
  • Secure both paddles.
  • Grab the bow of their kayak (right way up) and swivel your kayak until the two kayaks are at 90 degrees, forming a "T" shape.
  • Haul the kayak up across your skirt, until the front hatch cover is over your lap.
  • Rotate the kayak so that the water drains out of the cockpit.
  • To avoid injury to yourself, keep their kayak supported on your kayak while emptying it.
  • Edge your kayak away to elevate the other kayak to assist drainage.  
  • Slide their kayak back into the water.
  • Use the decklines to maintain hold of their kayak.
  • Turn the kayak bow to stern to set up for re-entry.
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