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  • 16 Aug 2020 10:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    This Year's AGM was held in Patonga Public Hall.
    You can read the AGM Minutes here.
  • 24 Jul 2020 9:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks for those registered for the AGM Zoom meeting at 5.00 pm on Saturday 25 July 2020.

    The link to the meeting is as follows:


    Please leave your video off initially.  It may need to be turned on for voting reasons but we will see how we go with numbers on the ground at Patonga – and bandwidth through my mobile phone during the meeting.

  • 1 Jul 2020 9:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Notice of 2020 NSWSKC Annual General Meeting and

    Call for Committee Nominations

    AGM will be held on Sat 25 Jul 2020 at Patonga Community Hall and via Zoom. Below are the Agenda and details.


    Saturday 25 July 2020

    Community Hall, Address 6 Brisk St, Patonga, and remotely via Zoom

    The AGM will commence at 5pm

    BYO for a drink and refreshments to share before the meeting

    Meeting Agenda

    1. Present

    2. Apologies

    3. Previous Minutes – AGM 2019

    4. Committee Reports:

    ·   President

    ·   Vice president

    ·   Secretary/Treasurer and presentation of accounts

    ·   Training Co-ordinator

    ·   Trips Co-ordinator

    ·   Internet Co-ordinator

    ·   RnR Co-ordinator

    ·   Editor

    5. Special Business:

    ‘That Campbell Tiley be appointed as a Life Member in recognition of his service to the Club’

    6. Election of the 2020/2021 Committee

    We will then adjourn to the pub for dinner – no booked space but there should be options mid-winter.

    Camping is available at Patonga, ring 43791287 to book.  Weekend bookings need to be for two days.  Cost will be minimised by booking Saturday and Sunday nights or sharing a site. Make it a social weekend by staying for the night and paddling on Sunday.

    If you are interested in nominating for a position on the Committee please do so by email to either the President or Secretary.  Details of the responsibilities of the Committee members are available at https://www.nswseakayaker.asn.au/page-18296.  Note that the Training and Trips Coordinator positions will now be combined, and a new position of Social Coordinator has been created (see below).  Nominations close seven days prior to the meeting.

    In the coming days the AGM will be listed as a Club event – both in person at Patonga and remotely via Zoom.  Please register your intention so that we can plan around the Covid-19 restrictions.  There will be paddling options on both Saturday and Sunday

    New Committee Position: Social Coordinator

    This position is intended to promote the social aspects of the Club, including the effective use of social media.  The role of this position is:

    ·   Initiate, coordinate and manage events to promote and maintain the social benefits offered by the Club

    ·   Provide oversight and direction of social media platforms formally used by the Club

  • 15 May 2020 7:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As of 15 May 2020 COVID-19 restrictions in NSW were eased such that groups of up to 10 people can congregate outside.  This has allowed the NSW SKC to resume offering Club trips for groups up to that size.

    Whilst this is great news it doesn't mean we are back to where we were before the restrictions - we need to still manage within the health guidelines.  So maximum group size is 10 (including leaders), and social distancing should be planned for and practised on trips, both on and off the water.

    The Club requests that you do the following:

    • At launch and on return to cars please maintain social distancing, and efficiently get organised and move off.  This is both about keeping our members safe and about public perception 
    • For group briefings/de-briefings select a quiet location (away from the water?) where you will be able to maintain distancing whilst conducting the briefing
    • When on the water if you need to raft up think about doing it in a way that maintains a distance of 1.5m between people

    Of course you should also download the COVIDSafe app if you haven’t done so already.  We want to make sure we can do effective contact tracing if the need arises.

    So keep an eye on the website for a return to (semi) social paddling opportunities!

  • 7 Apr 2020 4:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    from the Committee of the NSW Sea Kayak Club

    Owing to the federal and state government restrictions now in place to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all NSW Sea Kayak Club group activities (i.e. trips, training and social gatherings) have been suspended until further notice.

    Your committee is working on some off water activities during these times and they will be announced in coming weeks.

    Keep safe and Stay tuned.

    07 / Apr / 2020

  • 4 Mar 2020 9:29 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With only nine days left before we gather in Batemans Bay for  the 2020 Rock and Roll, final preparations are being made for the event by your committee. Registrations will close on the 6th March, which will provide just enough time to assemble your registration packs, advise the caterers at the Catalina Club of our final dinner numbers and finalise our shopping lists for breakfasts and the Saturday BBQ. Remember to use the On-line shop to purchase extra raffle tickets, extra dinners for non-paddling family members and guests, and any special needs (e.g. vegetarian)  meals. Have a safe trip to Batemans Bay. If you are getting hungry on the way down, stop for a pie at the East Lynne shop, for although the building was (just) saved from the bushfires, the business was closed for 8 weeks because of fire damage and loss of power and communications with consequent loss of income. 

    Neil Gow

    RNR20 Co-ordinator

  • 30 Jan 2020 10:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Two Sisters on Wheels food van, offering traditional Lao Thai cuisine will attend RNR20 from 5 pm oh Sunday 15th March prior to the trivia quiz and the Pogies. Their website is twosistersonwheels.com.au, which shows their menu. They cannot take bookings and will also serve other holiday makers in the resort, so it will be first in, best dressed! Enjoy!

    Neil Gow

    RnR Coordinator

  • 30 Jan 2020 10:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Registration is now open for Rock and Roll 2020!  Please come to demonstrate your support for the local Batemans Bay community which is starting to recover from the recent devastating bushfires.

    You will need to renew your club membership before registering for Rock and Roll. Details about the event, including guest speaker Eddie Safarik, the great raffle prizes, Pogies video entries, the trivia quiz, and the Beachcomber Paddle Challenge, are all in the latest issue of Salt.

    For those that require a special dinner option (vegetarian, gluten free or vegan) please read the registration instructions carefully as you will need to register without dinner and then purchase it separately from the Online Shop.  Raffle tickets can also be purchased at the Online shop if they are not part of the registration package that you want.

    Remember to book your accommodation at the Big 4 Batemans Bay Beach Resort at 51 Beach Road, Batemans Bay. If you book by phone (02) 4472 4541 you can get a 10% discount.

    See you at Rock and Roll!


    RnR Co-ordinator

  • 11 Nov 2019 9:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I hope that you are enjoying the warmer weather and (slightly) warmer water temperatures to get out in your kayak.  Here is a brief update on what is happening with the club.

    Call for a Facebook Moderator

    At our recent Committee meeting we discussed the need to improve our Facebook presence and make it easier for members to quickly post accounts of their club activities.  We have decided to change our Facebook setup so that any member can post without the delay of waiting for moderator approval.  Having said that, we still need a moderator to respond when inappropriate postings are made – which I expect to be quite seldom.  Could this be you?  This would be a great way to start to understand the detailed workings of the club – maybe a first step for a place on the Committee down the track?  If you are interested please let me know by return email.

    Come and Try Day a Success

    On Sunday 3 November the club held a Come and Try Day for potential new members.  The day was a great success thanks to fantastic planning by three committee members (especially Caoimhin Ardren, and also Mark Fuller and Beth Symonds) and further support on the day by Adrian Clayton, Campbell Tiley, Rhys Ward and John Friedman.  A number of other members also loaned kayaks for use on the day.  Sixteen people attended to give kayaking a try and one of them was so impressed she joined the Club the same day! Welcome Jean Watson.  Thank you to all who contributed to make this day a success.

    Don’t Forget to Renew Your Membership

    Membership renewals are now open.  We have not changed membership cost since last year so for just a few dollars you can join any number of club trips and training led by our experienced leaders and instructors, receive the outstanding Salt magazine to your door three or four times a year, register for Rock’n’Roll, boring stuff like insurance……the list just goes on.  Please do this before the end of the year.  It makes it easier for the committee and clears the decks before we get into final R’n’R preparation.

    Happy paddling,

    Paul (President)

  • 6 Nov 2019 9:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Massive Murray Paddle is a five day adventure of over 400 kms which is about to start its 51st year.  It provides an opportunity to overcome challenges, culturally connect with the land, people and river while raising funds for charities and community programs. This year one of our members Vicki McAuley and her son Finn are paddling in this event and raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. They will be replicating the efforts of their late husband and father Andrew who won his category 16 years ago.

    If you would like to make a donation in support please do so directly via the following link:


    Good luck Vicki and Finn from all of us

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