Wet Exit

Practice getting out of your kayak when it is upside down so you can calmly exit your kayak when you capsize.

It is essential that you can remove your spray skirt while upside down

Technique  Practice Safety  Common Mistakes


  • Every time you put your skirt on, check that the grab handle is outside the skirt and hasn’t been caught between the skirt and the deck.
  • Underwater, place your hands on the edge of the cockpit near your waist.
  • Run your hands toward the front of the skirt until both hands come to the grab handle.
  • Push the grab handle away from you, break the seal and release the skirt.
  • Roll your body forward. Twist slightly to one side and you will surface next to the kayak.
  • Grab hold of the cockpit or decklines so that you stay in contact with your kayak


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