Notice of 2020 NSWSKC Annual General Meeting

1 Jul 2020 9:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Notice of 2020 NSWSKC Annual General Meeting and

Call for Committee Nominations

AGM will be held on Sat 25 Jul 2020 at Patonga Community Hall and via Zoom. Below are the Agenda and details.


Saturday 25 July 2020

Community Hall, Address 6 Brisk St, Patonga, and remotely via Zoom

The AGM will commence at 5pm

BYO for a drink and refreshments to share before the meeting

Meeting Agenda

1. Present

2. Apologies

3. Previous Minutes – AGM 2019

4. Committee Reports:

·   President

·   Vice president

·   Secretary/Treasurer and presentation of accounts

·   Training Co-ordinator

·   Trips Co-ordinator

·   Internet Co-ordinator

·   RnR Co-ordinator

·   Editor

5. Special Business:

‘That Campbell Tiley be appointed as a Life Member in recognition of his service to the Club’

6. Election of the 2020/2021 Committee

We will then adjourn to the pub for dinner – no booked space but there should be options mid-winter.

Camping is available at Patonga, ring 43791287 to book.  Weekend bookings need to be for two days.  Cost will be minimised by booking Saturday and Sunday nights or sharing a site. Make it a social weekend by staying for the night and paddling on Sunday.

If you are interested in nominating for a position on the Committee please do so by email to either the President or Secretary.  Details of the responsibilities of the Committee members are available at  Note that the Training and Trips Coordinator positions will now be combined, and a new position of Social Coordinator has been created (see below).  Nominations close seven days prior to the meeting.

In the coming days the AGM will be listed as a Club event – both in person at Patonga and remotely via Zoom.  Please register your intention so that we can plan around the Covid-19 restrictions.  There will be paddling options on both Saturday and Sunday

New Committee Position: Social Coordinator

This position is intended to promote the social aspects of the Club, including the effective use of social media.  The role of this position is:

·   Initiate, coordinate and manage events to promote and maintain the social benefits offered by the Club

·   Provide oversight and direction of social media platforms formally used by the Club

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