There are several reasons for towing when sea kayaking:

  • Getting a sick or injured paddler back to shore.
  • Assisting a paddler who is in trouble on the water by towing them away from danger.
  • When a paddler has lost or broken their paddle.
  • Assisting a slower paddler, especially if the group is under time pressure e.g. from impending darkness or a storm.

In an emergency situation the best towing method is the one that gets the paddler away from the source of danger quickly.

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The safety risks when towing include:

  • Catching fingers or equipment in the tow line.
  • Cutting hands with the sharp edges of the carabiner. 
  • Using a tow line with a narrow diameter can result in the tow line cutting someone’s hand.
  • Entanglement, for example if the line is not secured properly after use.

Towing should not occur in the surf zone unless absolutely necessary. If a paddler is in trouble in the surf zone, it is often best that they swim to shore and their kayak is recovered later.

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