Introduction to Core Skills

Introduction to Core Skills online resource

Welcome to the NSWSKC Basic Skills online resource.  This resource sets out video demonstrations, text and photographs of key skills at the Basic Skills level for sea kayaking. This resource has been written and compiled by NSWSKC instructors and paddlers. 

                             Filming Basic Skills at Pittwater

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This resource has been made possible by the assistance of a grant from NSW Government under a 2010/2011 Sport and Recreation Participation Grant Program. This grant enabled us to film and produce the video demonstration sequences.


The content for this resource has been written by NSWSKC instructors and members on a volunteer basis.

Video and internet production

Cathy Miller - project producer, video producer, scriptwriter
Matthew Bezzina - photographs
Mel MacPherson - video cinematographer
Kevin Scott - additional cinematography
Brian Stone - video editor
Ian Vaile - additional editing, technical support
Brett Beswick - jetski driver, SLSA
Glenn Harvey - graphic design
Stephan Meyn - Internet Coordinator

Special thanks to the following Club instructors and members who have volunteered their time, skills and knowledge for the video demonstrations,  copywriting and content reviews:

Steve Bell 
Matthew Bezzina 
Adrian Clayton
Tom Cox
Key Day
Raewyn Duffy
Andrew Eddy 
David Fisher
John Jakimyszyn
Chris James
Peter Kappelmann
Owen Kimberley
Rob Mercer
Cathy Miller
John Piotrowski
Claudia Schremmer
Mark Schroeder
Michael Steinfeld
Stuart Trueman
Ian Vaile 
Trevor Waters


Music reproduced under Creative Commons Licence:

Kevin MacLeod

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