Launching your kayak well gets you off to a good start. You want to avoid injury when lifting or handling the boat, or damage to the kayak. And you don't want to go for an embarrassing swim just as you push off - we've all done it! These tips and techniques can help make launching an enjoyable and safe experience.

Parallel launch

At other times you will prefer to launch with your kayak parallel to the beach, for example with a ruddered kayak, or if launching from a pontoon, rocks or river bank.  

Place the paddle behind the cockpit coaming with your blade flat on the sand. It will support your body weight as you sit behind the seat and swing your legs in.

Mid-water launch

You can also launch in the water, for example if you need to dodge rocks:

  • Keep your centre of gravity low when dropping into the seat.
  • Brace or scull with your paddle to support yourself while getting in.
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