NSW Sea Kayak Club – COVID Response

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Sydney is a stark reminder that we still have some way to go before we are free from this insidious virus.

Sea kayaking, for the most part, is an activity where maintaining adequate “social distance” as a prevention measure is not an issue. However, paddle briefings and assisted rescues are areas where separation between sea kayakers can encroach on the recommended minimum of 1.5 metres.  

Paddle briefings:

  • ·         At launch and on return to cars please maintain social distancing and efficiently get organised and move off.  This is both about keeping our members safe and about public perception 
  • ·         For group briefings/de-briefings select a quiet location (away from the water?) where you will be able to maintain distancing whilst conducting the briefing

Assisted Rescues

Below are some links to videos of techniques where social distancing can be maintained during assisted rescues, and when needing to raft up:



Also worth checking out is the Sea Kayak Club Western  Australia web site where they have published an article containing suggestions, including but not limited to rescue techniques, on how to reduce the risk spreading  COVID  during self rescues. See https://www.seakayakwa.asn.au/2020/06/10/covid-19-modified-assisted-rescues/. The links above are embedded in the article.

You can expect to see an opportunity arise early in the new year of an instructor-led session for Club members to workshop COVID-safe assisted-rescues.


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