Club Trips - Registered Members Only


When: 22 Dec 2017
Where: Clontarf -will depend on weather conditions.
Grade: All
Please mark Friday 22 Dec in your diaries.
If you haven’t recently been on a Friday Paddle, we’d particularly like to catch-up with you and hear what you’ve been up-to.  Also, if you have any NSWSKC friends who aren’t on the OANDORA list, we’d love to see them also (or better still, suggest that they enrol himself on the Friday Group list via the links on the Club web site).
The actual details could change to suit the (Thurs) afternoon-before forecast but, based on previous years, will probably be:-
  • If you can, bring some picnic fare to share (if you find it too much of a last-minute Xmas hassle to do so, don’t worry, we’d love to see you anyway).
  • Meet at Clontarf at 9.00am but maybe finish later than our regular Friday outings., e.g. maybe return to Clontarf (if Clonnie is applicable) at around 2.30pm to 3.00ish.
  • Although some of us may be setting-out from Clontarf, other sub-groups could well launch from Inner West, Little Sirius Cove Mosman and/or Rose Bay. (there will probably be some advance emailing between oandorians).
  • Picnic venue will probably be Shark Island (subject to forecast). Bring some cash for National Parks landing fee (if applicable).
  • Even if you haven’t paddled recently, we’d still love to see you and will try to accommodate your current paddling speed. (plus you could well have the option of a shorter paddle across to the Island).
Please note:-
  1. This marks the ninth anniversary of The Friday Group........ Woohoo!!
  2. As indicated above, please let us all know via return email if you have any advice re the day.
It's always a great fun day! So, looking forward, as always, to seeing you!