The Rock'n'Roll weekend is an annual weekend of trips, entertainment, training and socialising.

Only members of the NSWSKC are eligible to participate in the water activities of the Rock'n'Roll.   Information on joining is here.

Rock'n'Roll 2017

Friday March 10 to Monday March 13 2017, Batemans Bay                     

 Registration is Open! Training events are up for grabs.

Registration for the event is $50 with the Saturday night dinner at the Catalina Country Club an additional $45 per head.   Raffle Tickets are 2 for $5 and 5 for $10. 

Accommodation is to be arranged by members directly, see below.

Only financial members can participate in on-water paddling events.  You will need to renew your membership for 2017 if you are have not already done so. If not a member, information on joining is here.

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