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Weekend course in astro navigation 23—24 June 2018

Postponed until 2019.


Noting the interest at our introductory session at RnR, the club will offer a weekend course in astro navigation to cover the subject in more detail. The course will be run from 0900 on Saturday 23 June, to 1500 on Sunday 24 June. The venue is yet to be decided, but it will be either at Watson’s Bay or on the northern beaches. There might be a small $$ charge for resources and possibly venue hire – we'll advise once we've booked the class room. 

We'll cover enough theory to let you plan your sights, and (subject to clouds) complete a day's run: morning and afternoon sun sights, a noon sun, and morning and evening stars, all from a beach or headland. We've picked the winter solstice, so evening stars are at their earliest, and morning stars at their latest – but we'll still need to work through until around 2000 on Saturday evening, and start at 0600 on Sunday (but you can miss sights if you want). 

We'll have a chronometer and five sextants available and, so can accommodate between 4 and 10 students (more than 5, we'll have to share sextants). If you've got your own sextant, bring it along – we'll show how to remove its errors. A tablet or laptop with one of the celestial navigation apps loaded will also be helpful – we'll share some suggestions for downloads once we have nominations.