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Before Work Fitness Paddle at Balmoral

When: Monday 16 April 2018
Where:  Balmoral
Grades: 2 and Up


Daylight savings has ended so we have an hour more light in the mornings (for a little while at least.)

 How ‘bout a paddle on our beautiful harbour around dawn?  Something like Balmoral / Middle Head / South Head / North Head / Balmoral.  Parking is free till 8 and there’s hot showers available before you head off to work.

 If you don’t have to go to work … great!  Hang around for a coffee and a chat.  (You’ll probably need to put some money in the parking meter though.)

 We’ll need to be on the water at 6:15.  Turn up whenever you like but we’ll be departing at 6:15!  We should be back on the beach at Balmoral at 7:45.  We’ll adjust our loop out on the water to fit the timing.  If we get to North Head then the loop is about 10km – so we’d need to average about 7kph.

 Sunrise is at 6:18 so I won’t insist on navigation lights … but if you have ‘em they won’t hurt.

 This is a paddle for grade 2 and grade 3.

 If the trip shows full but you’d really like to go, drop me an email – tonym95[at]