How To Renew Your Club Membership

Membership is based on a calendar year (except for Life Members).  If you have not paid subscription fees to the club since the 1st of November 2017, your financial membership would have expired on New Years Eve.

How to Renew

Step 1: Login to the website if not already (Note A)

Step 2: under your profile click Club Memberships or click here.

Your current or Active membership will be shaded in green, Expired memberships are shaded in red with the relevant dates.  If you are entitled to a different subscription fee or no longer entitled to the discount follow these instructions.

Step 3:  Click on the Subscription text to initiate renewal.  Follow the prompts to through to payment.

Note A:  If you have forgotten your username or password please follow the prompts to recover your account. DO NOT set up a new user account as this will create a duplicate record and all your previous user details will be lost. 

Additional Family members need to renew under their own login.