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The NSW Islands Challenge

The Challenge is for the club to complete 10 island trips in one year.

Caoimhin Ardren has been busy checking the charts and identified up to 20 different island trips spanning almost the whole NSW Coastline.  Each trip will aim to circumnavigate at least one, or possibly multiple islands.  

There are no rules, other than - you have to circumnavigate the island. Multiple trips to the same island through the year is permitted (and encouraged for local islands).

As trip leaders take up the challenge, individual trips will appear on the club event list.  

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THE FINISH! Germany to Australia by Kayak

Sea Kayaker Sandy Robson has arrived.  A link to ABC News is here.  

Sandy paid tribute to Mick MacRobb, a Victorian sea kayaker, who sadly passed away while Sandy was planning her final crossing.  Mick was known to many in the NSWSKC as a regular RNR attendee and owner of Flat Earth Kayak Sails.

Sandy's sea kayaking stories are inspirational.  More information about Sandy's journey, following the steps of German Adventurer Oskar Speck, can be found on Sandy's website.  Many have been following Sandy's progress on Facebook.  

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