Swansea car camping weekend

When: Saturday May 5 and Sunday May 6, 2018
Where: Based at Swansea
Grades: Strong Grade 2 and above

A weekend at the very nice Swansea Lakeside Holiday Park with paddles Saturday and Sunday.  Where we get to will depend on the weather, but the sort of trips I have in mind include:

* Lake Macquarie in search of a coffee

* Swansea to Horseshoe Beach Newcastle (one-way with a car shuffle)

* Catherine Hill Bay to Norah Head / Cabbage Tree Boat Ramp  (one-way with a car shuffle)

* Swansea to Catherine Hill Bay return - looking for sea caves


The timing will work for people coming up Saturday morning and heading home on Sunday.  I plan to stay Friday night and maybe Sunday night as well.


Approx Times of Trip/Training:

9:00 start Saturday ... maybe earlier on Sunday


Your Trip Leader is Tony Murphy  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.