NSW Islands Challenge - Murramarang Islands – 20-21 May 2017

Grade: Grade 2 or 3 only.

Trip Type: This is an overnight trip that will require you to camp out of your kayak.

When: Be ready to hit the water at 08:30 Sat Morning.

Where: Just north of Batemans Bay. The Murramarang Islands include Brush, Belowla, Dawsons, Grasshopper & Wasp islands. All islands are less than 1 km from shore between Bawley Point and South Durras.



The Plan: The Club has instigated a challenge to circumnavigate 10 NSW Islands in one year. If this trip is successful we will circumnavigate 5 Islands over the two days.


The actual trip plan will depend on the forecast but be prepared for surf lands and launches and camping away from facilities. Options include:


  • Launching from South Durras, paddling north, overnight camp near Kiolea, returning to South Durras on the Sunday.


  • Launching from Bawley Point, paddling south, overnight camp near Wasp Head, returning to Bawley Point on the Sunday.


  • Car shuttle, through paddle, stopping somewhere half way to camp.


If the forecast does not allow us to precede with this trip we can re locate to Tomakin or Batemans Bay and run day trips.


Distance:  We should not need to paddle more than 35 KM on the Saturday with plenty of options to land for a break.


Finish Time: Before 16:00 each day. Hope to land before 13:00 on Sunday to drive home in plenty of time.


Gear: Bring Camping Gear, Helmet and all your normal safety gear. Be prepared for surf.



I will only be taking 4 members but I have opened the registration to 10. Please be aware that by registering you are only registering your interest and are not guaranteed a position on the trip. I will finalise closer to the date. Feel free to email me (josh.andrews(at)defence.gov.au) if you have any questions.